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Let’s Meet Troy Lucia, Our ADAS Center Manager

Let’s Meet Troy Lucia, Our ADAS Center Manager

Q: How Long Have You Been with Painter’s Collision Centers?

A: 6 months!

Q: How Many Years of Industry Experience Do You Have?

A: As far as a body shop, Painter’s is my first experience. However, I have a background in detailing, lot management, and sales at the Subaru/Porsche dealership group in my hometown, Chandler, AZ. Then, I stumbled upon a dealership specializing in classic vehicles and immediately quit Porsche to work for them. Including Painters Collision, I’m totaling about 3 years in previous automotive experience.

Q: Favorite Part of The Job?

A: The energy of a body shop just can’t be matched anywhere else. Between the comradery, the customer interactions, and the satisfaction of getting people back on the road; there’s a lot to love!

Q: What Do You Do When You’re Not Working at Painter’s Collision Centers?

A: I’m actually heavily involved in the arts scene outside of my time with Painters Collision. I get some pretty awesome opportunities to travel and photograph concerts, weddings, music videos and more. I’ve also produced films that have made rounds in festivals all over from LA to New York and earned prestigious awards. This is a career that I’ll be growing into parallel with the autobody world.

Q: What Sports Teams Do You Follow?

A: Sports? What are those?

Q: Favorite Movies?

A: Oh man where to begin! There are so many good movies out there that it would be a crime to pick a favorite. But if I had to choose, it would be movies that woke me up to the artform at a young age such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Wall-E, Gone Girl, Fight Club, and so much more!!Q: Favorite TV Shows?

A: The Crown is so underrated.

Q: Do you Have Pets?

A:  I have a cat named Hank which we found in an AutoZone parking lot when he was only 4-weeks old.

Q: Favorite Outdoor Activities?

A: Camping, Camping, Camping.

Q: Books You’ve Read?

A: As someone who’s in the process of writing a new film, I’ve been taking a lot of influence from books like Arthur C Clarke’s ‘Rendezvous with Rama’, Adrian Tchaikovsky’s ‘Children of Time’, and Leckie Ann’s ‘Ancillary Justice’. My to-be-read list is always evolving as I discover what I do and don’t like.

Q: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

A: That’s a personal question!

Q: If You Could Have Any Kind of Car, What Would You Get and Why?

A: Currently, I have my sights on a first-gen Honda Insight. It’s either that or a brand-new Honda. But new cars blend in on the road and all the quirky driving characteristics you’d find in an old car have been engineered out, resulting in a very “padded” experience. However, I’ll argue they’re MUCH easier to live with!

Q: If You Could Have Lunch with Anyone Who Would It Be?

A: Jim Huard. Still haven’t asked him to get breakfast. If you’re reading this, let’s plan something soon.

Q: What Are Some of The Customer Service Things You’re Proud of at Painter’s

A: Nothing beats the reaction of people seeing their repaired car for the first time. “Like it never happened!” “Omg, it’s beautiful” “Wow, this looks GREAT.” “You all were great through the whole process.”

It’s reactions like these from customers that solidify my love for this industry. It’s magic, really.

Q: What Are Some of The Changes You’ve Seen in This Industry, and How Has Painter’s Collision Centers Reacted to Them?

A: In my short time here, I can tell that the next big frontier is going to be in ADAS. With the automotive industry shifting towards more automated means of driving, we’ll need to understand when cars get into accidents how to work on them! And that’s where I come in. My time at Painters Collision Centers will be spent ensuring the company stays ahead of these trends in a future filled with the ever-evolving needs of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems. And I couldn’t think of anything more exciting to endeavor.


A/C Recharge

We offer AC recharge services for R134 and R1234 systems on most vehicles. Stay cool in the desert heat!

Window Tinting

Tinted protective film shields out both UVA & UVB rays to keep you cool, comfortable and in style.

By Appointment Only.

Prices Vary - please call for an estimate.

ADAS Scanning

Keep your Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) performing at optimal levels for improved safety.

Clear Film/Protectors

Protect your vehicle from sand, wind, door edge bumps and finger nail scratches!
Apply Clear Film Protection!

Glass Repair/Replacement

We can replace or Repair most any glass. With Today’s Advanced ADAS Technology, it is critical that proper calibrations and test drives are conducted in order to ensure the glass is installed to OE standards. Many people do not realize that the front and rear glass are structural components to the vehicle. Family and Safety First!!!

Detailing Services


Please check back or call for further details.


We offer panel refinishing or off the car part refinishing.

At Painter's we use PPG Envirobase water-based products, so we can achieve a perfect color match and rapid cure times.

Light Mechanical

We offer AC recharge for R134 and R1234 systems, factory suspension repair and replacement, wheel alignments, and other light-duty mechanical services. Call for details.

Collision Repair

Whether you have been involved in a major or minor accident, or encountered a hailstorm, we can fix it! Not only can we fix it, but we will also return your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. This includes structural and aluminum repairs. We are a full-service body shop. We know that when a problem occurs with our vehicles our lives STOP. We will help you get back on the road as promptly as possible.