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New Hacking Device Gets Thieves Into Cars Faster

When it comes to hackers, there is a constant tug-of-war between cyber security professionals and the hacking community and car security surely not an exception. Every time the security sector comes up with a fix for stopping hackers in on area, they’re already developing a new way to bypass their efforts. And that is why no one was really shocked to find out that the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) uncovered some new technology that is currently being used to steal cars worldwide.

NICB recently got a hold of one of these so-called “mystery devices” that the public was first warned about more than two years ago.

At the time, vehicle thieves  were being spotted on security cameras nationwide, using undisclosed devices to unlock vehicles and steal valuable items inside. The NICB has received numerous reports about thieves not only opening the vehicles, but also starting them and driving away as well with these devices.

The device obtained by NICB was purchased through a third-party security consultant from an international company. It was initially developed by engineers to provide carmakers and other anti-theft organizations the capability to test the vulnerability of different vehicles’ systems. Called a “Relay Attack” unit by many people, this model will only work on vehicles that use a keyless remote and a push-button ignition.

The cars and trucks in the study were tested to see if the device could 1.) open the door 2.) start the vehicle 3.) drive it away and 4.) turn off and restart the engine without any access to its original fob.  The NICB was able to open 54% of the vehicles and start and drive away 51% of them.

NICB reported that in addition to the “Relay Attack” tool there is a wide range of different devices thought to be offered for sale to car break-in experts. Some use very sophisticated technology and can work on a diverse range of makes and models and ignition systems. More pricey models may have a greater range and better capabilities for opening and starting a vehicle.

While there may not be an efficient way of preventing this type of theft at this time, the NICB tells drivers to always lock their vehicles and take their remote fobs or keys along with them always. In addition, drivers should be on the lookout for sketchy-looking people or activity and alert the police rather than confronting a potential thief.

It’s also a age idea to never invite a break-in by leaving anything of value in plain sight within your vehicle. It can be a serious situation, because once thieves get inside your car, they can easily steal a garage door opener and gain access to your home. So also take the garage door opener with you in the vehicle and take a picture of your registration on your cell phone rather than keeping it in the glove compartment.

If you’re not familiar with the NICB, it’s an organization that is 100% dedicated to stopping insurance fraud and car theft by using data analytics, in-depth independent investigations and legislative advocacy to change laws and protect consumers. Their website is:

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