Painters Collision Centers

Let’s Meet Technician Anthony Beaudry

Let’s Meet Technician Anthony Beaudry

Q. how long have you been with Painters Collision Centers?
A. about one year.

Q. how many years of industry experience do you have?
A. I have had five years in the industry as a standalone technician, but also being a third-generation technician so I have always been around it. I’ve worked for Toyota, Cadillac and chevy.

Q. favorite part of the job?
A. I don’t really have a favorite part, I love all of it, from metal work to welding to applying and sanding filler or seam sealer to disassembly to reassembly. Small hits to big hits, you just get a sense of accomplishment when you fix a car to OEM standards and it looks just as good as it did when it was new. And also putting people back on the road and know that they can feel safe because that is what’s most important.

Q. what do you do when you are not working at Painters Collision Centers?
A. Hanging out and taking care of my 3 little girls and girlfriend and just being a dad. My girls are my world.

Q. favorite outdoor activities?
A. Anything to do with motorcycles, been around road racing and motocross, racing or just free riding, it’s my favorite activity if I have time to myself.

Q. what sports teams do you follow?
A. I don’t really follow sports teams, I’m big into action sports but I love to watch supercross, motocross, moto gp, I’ll watch the Super Bowl and World Series and that sort of big events though,

Q. favorite movies?
A. I don’t really have one but I like comedies, and action movies

Q. favorite tv shows?
A. Don’t really watch tv

Q. do you have any pets?
A. One dog, her name is Willow, she is a German Shepard

Q. books you have read?
A, I honestly haven’t read any books since high school lol, besides reading kids’ books to my girls.

Q: Favorite ice cream.
A. Hmm idk but I like a banana, Reese’s Blizzard

Q: If you could get any kind of car what would it be and why?
A. I would say a RAM truck, because it has a hellcat motor in it and I could jump that thing at the dunes

Q. if you could have lunch with anyone who would it be?
A. My girls and just my whole family and friends

Q. What are the customer service things you are proud of?
A. We go above and beyond to make sure customers get their car in a timely manner, and make repairs with integrity at the same time. We are very honest and informative and communicate with them on a regular basis every step of the way



A/C Recharge

We offer AC recharge services for R134 and R1234 systems on most vehicles. Stay cool in the desert heat!

Window Tinting

Tinted protective film shields out both UVA & UVB rays to keep you cool, comfortable and in style.

By Appointment Only.

Prices Vary - please call for an estimate.

ADAS Scanning

Keep your Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) performing at optimal levels for improved safety.

Clear Film/Protectors

Protect your vehicle from sand, wind, door edge bumps and finger nail scratches!
Apply Clear Film Protection!

Glass Repair/Replacement

We can replace or Repair most any glass. With Today’s Advanced ADAS Technology, it is critical that proper calibrations and test drives are conducted in order to ensure the glass is installed to OE standards. Many people do not realize that the front and rear glass are structural components to the vehicle. Family and Safety First!!!

Detailing Services


Please check back or call for further details.


We offer panel refinishing or off the car part refinishing.

At Painter's we use PPG Envirobase water-based products, so we can achieve a perfect color match and rapid cure times.

Light Mechanical

We offer AC recharge for R134 and R1234 systems, factory suspension repair and replacement, wheel alignments, and other light-duty mechanical services. Call for details.

Collision Repair

Whether you have been involved in a major or minor accident, or encountered a hailstorm, we can fix it! Not only can we fix it, but we will also return your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. This includes structural and aluminum repairs. We are a full-service body shop. We know that when a problem occurs with our vehicles our lives STOP. We will help you get back on the road as promptly as possible.